Newspapers are the voice of the community. We are the voice of newspaper employees.

The Denver Newspaper Guild Local 37074 is a union of Colorado newspaper employees and employees working for unions and nonprofit organizations in the state. The Guild negotiates contracts, ensures that those contracts are honored and strives to make our workplace the best it can be, just as our counterparts do in more than 100 cities in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. For more than 70 years the Guild has worked for good wages and benefits, fair working conditions, and a voice on the job. Our membership is a diverse group, but has a common bond in the belief that respect for workers’ rights builds stronger jobs and stronger communities.


Guild Officers
Laurie Faliano President 303-954-3504
Kathy Rudolph 1st Vice President 303-954-5274
Norma Ruth Ryan 2nd Vice President 720-878-1027
Paulette Shrefler Secretary 303-954-5070
Robert Lindgren Treasurer 719-569-0375
Representative Council
Laurie Faliano Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-3504
Kathy Rudolph Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-5274
Paulette Shrefler Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-5070
Connie Utley Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-5124
Sam DeLeo Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-1437
Charmayne Smith Denver Post Non-Newsroom 303-954-1353
Kieran Nicholson Denver Post Newsroom 303-954-1822
Terry Frei Denver Post Newsroom 303-954-1895
Andy Jacob SEIU n/a
Robert Lindgren Colorado WINS 719-569-0375
Loryn Cesario Colorado WINS 303-937-6497
Shanta Farrington FRESC 720-212-1221
Marge Strescino Pueblo Chieftain 719-242-5262
Madison Cassels DALF 303-477-6111
Tony Mulligan Administrative Officer 303-595-9818


Bargaining Units

The Denver Post
For more than 118 years, The Denver Post has been Colorado’s media leader. Adapting to the changing media market, The Post has transformed itself from a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper into a multimedia news and information source that includes Colorado’s number one network of websites, niche publications, custom printing, e-newsletters, a host of daily blogs and forums, social media networking and customized content to meet the specific needs of its readers and advertisers. |


Unit Officers
Kieran Nicholson Chair 303-954-1822
Kevin Hamm Vice Chair 303-954-5315
LeAnna Efird Secretary 303-954-1631
LeAnna Efird 303-954-1020 720-498-4906 (c)
Kevin Hamm 303-954-5315 303-905-8369 (c)
Josie Klemaier 303-954-2465 303-204-7980 (c)
Kieran Nicholson 303-954-1822 720-231-0116 (c)
Emilie Rusch 303-954-2457 262-359-0655 (c)
Pat Traylor 303-954-1014 309-235-3827 (c)
Katie Wood 303-954-1295 720-498-4951 (c)


Unit Officers
Paulette Shrefler Chair 303-954-5070
Kathy Rudolph Vice-Chair 303-954-5274
Charmayne Smith Secretary 303-954-3506
Kathy Rudolph OPU 303-954-5274
Tami Baca Pre-Publishing 303-954-1864
Paulette Shrefler Pre-Publishing 303-354-5070
Laurie Faliano Customer Service 303-954-5274
Sam DeLeo Creative Services 303-954-1437
Doug Case Single Copy 303-954-5585
Charles Smith Production Maintenance 303-954-2126
Chris Wint Production Maintenance 303-954-2126
Raul Chacon 53rd 303-472-4117
Daun King 53rd 303-472-0383
Robin Clary Parker 720-422-8447
Kelly Mortensen Dartmouth 303-598-6501
Ziggy Sekulski Castle Rock 303-994-3676
Pueblo Chieftain
The Pueblo Chieftain is your print and online news source for Southern Colorado. The Chieftain is a daily newspaper providing users with local and national news, sports, classifieds and information about local events. The Chieftain was established in 1868 by Dr. Michael Beshoar, the first doctor in Trinidad, Colo. Published by the Star-Journal Publishing Corp., the current publisher is Robert H. Rawlings. |

Unit Officers
Marge Strescino Chair 719-242-5262
Jeff Letofsky Vice Chair 719-963-3609
Gayle Perez Secretary 719-671-6949
Gayle Perez 719-671-6946
Casper Star-Tribune
SEIU | Service Employees International Union
We are the Service Employees International Union Local 105, an organization of more than 6,000 health care and property service workers in Colorado. We are united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society. Our union is part of the Service Employees International Union, the fastest growing union in North America whose 2.2 million members make up the largest healthcare union, the largest property services union, and the second largest public services union. |

Unit Officers
Jason Butler Chair 303-727-8031
Abby Kreckman Vice Chair 303-727-8009
Tia White Secretary 303-727-8027
Andy Jacob Chief Steward 303-727-8030
Janson Boccaccio Chief Steward 303-727-8024
Andy Jacob 303-727-8030
Janson Boccaccio 303-727-8024 720-936-4304 (c)
Colorado WINS | Workers for Innovative and New Solutions
Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solutions (WINS) is a union representing more than 31,000 state employees who work to ensure our quality of life in communities across the state. We care for veterans, the sick, and the disabled; we maintain the safety and use of our roads and bridges; we protect the quality of our drinking water and air; we assist those hurt by the economic downturn; we provide stewardship to public lands and boost tourism; we keep our jails and communities secure and provide many other essential services. |

Unit Officers
Tyler Gaylord Chair 303-937-6489
Zach Werkowitch Vice Chair 719-660-6880
Nick Voss Secretary 303-937-6498
Robert Lindgren Chief Steward 719-569-0375
Loryn Cesario 303-937-6497 970-270-4408 (c)
Robert Lindgren 719-569-0375 719-569-0375 (c)
Gina Marino 303-937-6477 480-205-1419 (c)
Zach Werkowitch 719-660-6880 816-721-1550 (c)
Nick Voss 303-937-6498
UNE | United for a New Economy
United for a New Economy (UNE) envisions vibrant, strong communities where ALL community members have a voice in the decisions that impact them, access to economic security; which includes affordable housing and good jobs and the ability to live free of racism and fear. |

Unit Officers
Rachael Running Chair 303-477-6111 x 19
Vacant Vice Chair
Rachael Running 303-477-6111 x 19 617-763-0856 (c)